Langkawi Enduro 2019

The Langkawi Enduro Challenge 2019 is the 2nd Round leg of the Enduro Championship(MEC)2019. The 1st Round was Bukit 300 Enduro Challenge 2019, held at Teluk Batik, Perak, and the final Round will be the Lembah Bujang Enduro Challenge 2019, to be held in Lembah Bujang, Kedah.

The Bukit Chengkuan mountainbike trails were developed by the members of Langkawi’s Island Mountainbike Club. The trails, located only 2 km from the Langkawi International Airport, and 15 km from Kuah town, are in the vicinity of a local settlement of Kampung Yooi, in the Mukim of Bohor.

Although rubber plantation is the main activity surrounding the Bukit Chengkuan hilly areas, the hill itself is an important landmark for Langkawi. The hill stations a civilian radar complex runs by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia, hence the hill is also known by the locals as Bukit Radar (Radar Hill). The hill is also the site for a radio and telecommunication tower and a water distribution tank for the surrounding settlements.

Since Langkawi is a holiday destination island, it is no doubt that event such as this will bring additional visitors such as family members and mountainbike enthusiasts to witness the event and to support the participants.

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