We provide 2 different categories of suspension service – 1) EXT – For all EXT fork and shock products 2) General – For all other brands of suspension (Fox, Rock Shox, Ohlins and DVO).

Jon is our Chief Suspension Expert. With many years of riding, podiums and winning local and regional downhill and enduro races – Jon pretty much knows how a suspension fork or shock should behave and feel like.

1. EXT Suspension Service

We are the official distributor for EXT in Malaysia and also one of the only few authorise service centre outside of Europe. We have invested in all the necessary tools and spare parts from EXT to service your shock and fork. Just with any other EXT’s service centre, we also have access to their database to view diagrams, manuals, procedures and configurations for all of EXT products. This ensures that the work carried out by us is the same as someone at EXT’s factory.

We do offer modification on your shim stack and conversions, but do email us before sending it over so that check if we have the parts needed.

Our EXT suspension service are as below:

EXT Fork Suspension Menu
EXT Shock Suspension Menu

2. General Suspension Service

For all other brands – Fox, Rock Shox, DVO, Ohlins and others, we also do provide suspension service for those products. For these brands we use Racing Bros products to ensure that your suspension products works buttery smooth when you first bought it.

Our general suspension service menu is as below:

Fork Service
Shock Service

Interested in getting your suspension service by us, read on

  1. If you are in Malaysia – you can just drop your fork or/and shock at our shop in Kota Damansara, Selangor.
    • For outside of Selangor, we recommend you contact us via phone (603 6148 0642) or email (suspension@agsmtb.com) before sending it. We will asked if there is anything wrong with your suspension and if there is we might need to quote you later on the repair cost after having a look at it. Plus we need to check seals in stock that fits your suspension (some older suspension we might not have the seals and parts for it).
    • Our turn around time is between 3-5 days, but maybe longer if the unit requires repair or modification.
    • If you’re not comfortable removing your suspension from your bike, you can just bring in the bike to us. We don’t charge parking in our floor space while your bike is with us. But we do expect you to pick your bike up in 3 days, our floor space is kind of small.
    • This service is for all suspension service that we offer – EXT and General.
  2. If your are outside of Malaysia – we do offer end to end shipping service to get your suspension to us and back to you once completed.
    • This is for EXT and other brands of suspension
    • There will be additional RM 80.00 surcharge added to any of the suspension service selected. This is to cover customs processing fees when the item arrives in Malaysia.
    • Email us at suspension@agsmtb.com, with you details (name, phone number, where your from, postcode), what service your interested and if you require any modification or repair.
    • We will quote you with the shipping cost for both ways plus our charges and surcharge. If you agree with the quotation then we will proceed to prepare all the necessary documents – RMA, commercial invoice and shipping labels. At the moment our shipping partner is Fedex and they offer exclusive discounts for us. We don’t markup the price of shipping, we will quote you the same rate Fedex charges us. Note: The quotation is just an estimate of the overall cost. Final cost will be known before we send back your suspension in our invoice (see below).
    • All you need to do next is just pack your suspension (preferably in its original box inside another box), print out 4 copies of the documents and hand it over to Fedex. Let us know if you would like Fedex to come pick it up or you want to drop it off at your local Fedex branch.
    • Once everything is done, we will send you an invoice with all the charges including return shipping. There will be a payment link within the invoice so that you can pay via Credit Card. Once payment is completed we will ship your suspension back to you. Note: This final invoice amount might be different that the earlier quote before shipping the suspension to us. Difference can be due to shipping cost and other works need to be carried out on the suspension.
    • It will take 3-5 days to do the EXT service. You will need to factor in shipping time (around 3-4 business days in Asia) if you’re planning to have the product back to you at a specific date. In other words expect 2 to 3 weeks without your suspension.